Air-Filtration Units, so called Fan Filter Units (FFUs)
are “boxes” that are fitted with a HEPA-Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) or ULPA-Filters (Ultra Low Penetration Air) and an active fan inside. Generally FFUs are installed into the Cleanroom ceiling grid. The Cleanroom classification is achieved by the number of FFUs and the air-exchange rate in relation to the room volume. Therefore the more FFUs that are fitted to a room the higher the Cleanroom class becomes. This way existing Cleanrooms of a lower classification can easily be upgraded to a room of a higher class.

In combination with a central controller FFUs automatically maintain the room air overpressure within the room via a central pressure sensor. In case of pressure loss to the room, all FFUs compensate that very quickly.

Envirco/Trion FFUs have a low running noise level in combination with an evenly distributed air flow over the total filters surface by using a patented air management system. AC motors with electronical revolution controller (standard or option) and EC motors from leading manufacturers provide an optimal operating FFU with induvidual controlling
and monitoring. Ventilation usually has high running costs. With our new Low Energy modules you can reduce power consumption by up to 50%. In combination with LED-lighting, the operational cost
of the Cleanroom can be reduced even further.

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