Cleanrooms are closed, modular system rooms
with controlled air and temperature conditions
inside. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, room pressure and the amount of particles in the air are controlled through specialized air-conditioning and air-filtration systems. The main goal in Clean-
rooms is to reduce the number of airborne particles as efficiently as possible.

Temperature, humidity and room pressure are controlled by the air-handling systems. The amount and size of particles is actively reduced by using HEPA-Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter) or ULPA-Filters (Ultra Low Penetration Air).

For optimal airflow, these filters are usually positioned in the ceiling of the Cleanroom. The required Cleanroom classification is achieved by the number of air-filters and the air change rate of the room. The room with the highest classification is entered via rooms with a lower pressure to avoid contamination. In some instances air showers or pass throughs are utilised.

All components and materials used in Cleanrooms have to be tested and certified. They must not shed particles or support the growth of bacteria and generally have abrasion proof surfaces.

Objects and equipment within the Cleanroom are positioned so that they disturb the laminar airflow as little as possible.


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