Modular and flexible wall and ceiling systems for the requirements of the electronic and optical industry

    • Wall system
    • Modular aluminium Cleanroom dividing wall system with flexible height and length.
    • Available as solid wall, double layer glass or as panelling.
    • Also available for doors, windows, integrated wall pass-through, interlock systems or materials locks.

  • Ceiling system
  • Modular aluminium ceiling grid as single or double-leaf construction. Non-walkable or walkable for up to 150kg/m².
  • Cassettes available as steel sheets or as honeycomb panels.
  • The ceiling grid is optimized for our Cleanroom lights and the air filter units, otherwise known as Fan Filter Units (FFUs).

  • Cleanroom door system
  • Single or double swing doors made using aluminium, available as solid door leaf,
    glass door, or with windows at a specified height.
  • Sliding doors, glass sliding doors (manually or electrically operated).
  • Available with interlock and access control system.