Wall and ceiling systems for pharmaceutical applications

  • Wall system
  • Flush fitting modular Cleanroom walls in an axis grip (minimization of joints). Flush fitting means that there are no protruding edges or openings which can cause particle collection. Windows
    have flush fitting glass panels.
  • The wall system is ideal for installation between existing walls. Wall panels can also be used to cover an existing wall which is not suitable for Cleanroom use.

  • Ceiling system
  • Modular flush fitting aluminium ceiling grid as single or double panel construction. Non-walkable or walkable for up to 150kg/m².
  • Cassettes available as steel sheets or as honeycomb panels.
  • The ceiling grid is optimized for our Cleanroom lights and the air filter units, otherwise known as Fan Filter Units (FFUs).
  • Cassettes in the grid 625 x 625 mm or 600 x 600 mm. Steel sheet cassettes ceiling with 45° bevelled cassettes for flush joints. Every cassette is removable. There are lights, fittings and filter housings for this ceiling system.
  • Ceiling panels available in 80 or 100 mm foamed ceiling elements, up to 1200mm wide and up to 6 meters in length. Walkable ceiling up to a point load of 150 kg.

  • Cleanroom door system
  • Single or double swing doors made using aluminium, available as solid door leaf,
    glass door, or with windows at a specified height.
  • Sliding doors, glass sliding doors (manually or electrically operated).

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